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I've been looking for some time for info about the Alarm on WWW, but haven't found any. So, I decided to start my own home page for them... Looks like it is starting to grow, little by little.
As usual, if you have anything to comment, please do so. Also, it is quite hard to find material for this page, so if you have anything to contribute, please contact me (at web-alarmpage (a)

I've put together a credits page as way of saying thanks to those who have contributed.

The MPO have launched the Official Mike Peters & The Alarm Home Page. Looks very good, with a lot of interesting material.

Also check out Steve Fulton's Alarm Archive and Steve Varty's Alarm Page.

What is here:


Courtesy of Steve Fulton. The concert pictures were taken by Floyd.
These are from a 1988 live concert:

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