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This is the page about Mike's current band.
The new album, Breathe, was released on Monday October 10th 1994. So far it is only available in the UK, from Crai. But I've been told many people have found it as import.
Release in the USA is forthcoming...

MPO's own Web page is up, check there (for example) for the latest info on Mike and the official rumors page!

Another piece of hot news; Mike will be doing an online interview on AOL at some point of his tour in the States! No details set yet...

Watch this space for news!

From messages to the alarm mailing list by Floyd Killen <Floydage (a) ix.netcom.com> and Gary Freedman <Gary (a) alarmpo.demon.co.uk>:
The address to MPO is:

Michael Peters Organisation

P.O. Box 709


Clwyd LL19 9YR

Wales UK

Tel: +44 - (0)1745 888911

Fax: +44 - (0)1745 888961


Here's a review of Breathe - The Acoustic Sessions, from the Q Magazine.
Courtesy of Steve Fulton...
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