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I work at Ideal Product Data.
I'm studying (at least theoretically) at Helsinki University of Technology.


(or people that I just happen to know)
One of my oldest friends, I've known him since '89 (wow how time flies..) One of the people I most often roleplay with.
Nix, Kidda
Another really old friend of mine, I met her at almost same time as I met Elandal.. Same summer anyway. :-) She's another who one would often find in my rpg group. Originally known as Phoenix but the name's gotten shorter (I think I was the first to use the short form *grin*).
Although "Noomi" is one of my "newer" friends, I've still known him for several years. I think I met him through Jartza (see below), as those two have known each other for ages I think.
Jartza I've known for many years too. He's good with computers (has a job with them too, unlike most of my friends!). He likes punk music. :-)
A friend for many years as well, I've recently started to see him more often due to our shared university as well as doing a Web page project together with him.
The rest are still in the old format..


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