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I've liked computers since... Umm, can't really remember. Me and my brother got our first computer when I was about 9, a VIC-20. For a long time that was my only computer, as I didn't get my Amiga 500 until '89. Two years later I got a 386SX/16, which is my current machine (I still have the Amiga, though I don't use it much).

Sometime in '92 (or '91?) a few friends of mine took part in creating a UUCP-based BBS-network (nullnet) here in Finland. Naturally I got an account at my friends BBS, Tower of Magery (, and that's how I got introduced to computer networks...

I worked as a computer assistant, or system administrator, or whatever, at Metsähovi in 1994 and 1995. My work machine,, was a 486DX2/66, running Linux. (And that's one of the reasons I liked so much to work there.)

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