The Corrs

The Corrs are a superb band from Ireland. I won't write about the band here, because there is a huge number of very good websites already dedicated to them. A few of the best ones (in my opinion) are the Corrs Online, Ireland's Corrs and Closer to the Corrs.
And last but not the least, the Corrs Community is a very good source of information on all things Corrs and also about the fans.

So, instead of writing about the band, I'll write about me, how I got hooked on the band, and other such ramblings.

I'm a rather big fan of the Corrs. I first heard them in February 1997 when I got a tape from a friend in Australia, containing their first album Forgiven, Not Forgotten. A week after I had gotten the tape I happened to see the CD in a local music store, and bought it.

The next time I heard of the Corrs was in October 1997, when I happened to notice their second album, Talk on Corners in a music store. I bought it on the spot, and liked what I heard a lot. Just a few weeks after this the band did a promo trip to Finland. Unfortunately I missed all the TV appearances. If this would happen now, I would be outside the studios waiting and hoping for a chance to meet the band. But at the time, I just liked the music a lot.

But I had other plans to see them... I happened to notice on a web page that they were playing a couple of concerts in Dublin in December, so since I had talked about visiting a friend of mine in Dublin, I contacted him and suggested that I come over in December, and that we both attend the concert while I was there. That suited him just fine, so that's how I ended up seeing them for the first time... I was simply blown away. :-)

So, unlike a lot of stories I've heard, I was not "hooked" immediately when hearing one song of theirs. For me, it was more of a gradual process... From "I think this music is pretty good" to "I think this music is very good" to "What a brilliant live group" to, well, whatever it is now. :-)

From browsing the web I knew that there was no mailing list dedicated to the band yet, so I mentioned this to Stephen after the concert. We both thought setting one up would be a very good idea, so we got to work... It took until January 1998 to get things rolling, but on 8th January the list was finally set up. First people besides me and Stephen joined on January 10th. At the end of 1998, there were 533 subscribers.

There's a web page dedicated to the Corrs mailing list at if you're interested to join or to find out other info about it. This is the Corrs mailing list running on the server, nowadays there are other Corrs mailing lists (though, in my very biased opinion, none are as successful as the one me and Stephen started).

Since the first concert in Dublin in 1997, I've seen the band quite a few times. Here are the details on those... Concert reports which were originally posted on the mailing list have been included here.

I have some of the pictures I've taken during my trips to see the Corrs in concert available.

Here's a screen capture from the Lansdowne concert DVD showing me in the audience. I'm the guy whose head you can see between the words "Gill Beasley" and "Thanks to". Also visible (though not readable in this image) is my "Hard Corr Fans" banner. Thanks to my friend Mariel for the image!

I have a collection of Corrs-related items. It would be pointless to write a full list here, because it's changing (growing) all the time and any list would soon become out of date. Suffice it to say that at the time of writing this (4th March, 1999) I have 15 Corrs albums, 15 singles, quite a few videotapes and normal tapes, a tin whistle gotten from the Luxembourg concert, a drumstick, autographs on the booklet of my copy of Forgiven, Not Forgotten, several t-shirts (one with autographs from the girls), magazines and newspapers with Corrs articles, and more.

Being bored once, I created this page: My Favourite Andrea Corr Pictures

There's a page about my thoughts on censorship and moderation and the mailing list, which I wrote in response to some things written on the mailing list. I didn't post this on the mailing list because it would have been a NCC (No Corrs Content) post.

My email address is mikko (a) if you want to contact me.

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