The Corrs in Concert

I've now seen the Corrs in concert 16 times:

The Olympia, Dublin, Ireland - 8th December 1997
This was my first concert, I went with Stephen, an Irish friend of mine. I was blown away! This is when I really became a Corrs fan.
Den Atelier, Luxembourg - 8th July 1998
A brialliant concert in a small club in Luxembourg, with perhaps 1300 or so people. The audience was right up against the stage, and I had a place in the front row just in front of Andrea. A brilliant concert, with a thunderous reception from the audience. Also attending the concert were Helen, Wolfgang, Renate and Ray -- this was the first time when I met them, now I think of them as my friends. :-)
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Ronacalliplatz, Cologne, Germany - 10th July 1998
Two days after the Luxembourg concert, the Corrs were opening for Simple Minds in an outdoor setting at a market square in the middle of Cologne. We were pretty much the only Corrs fans there, so we got lots of attention from the band... And lots of strange looks from the rest of the audience. Same bunch of people as in Luxembourg.
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The Point, Dublin, Ireland - 15th January 1999
The first of two nights at the Point. It's great to see them play in their own country! I attended this one alone, meaning I didn't know anyone else from the crowd of about 12,000. Surprisingly the audience was far less enthusiastic than I would have expected, maybe it was the seats... I had a very good seat, at row three, and it was right beside an aisle so I was up and dancing quite a few times there. :-)
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The Point, Dublin, Ireland - 16th January 1999
The second night at the Point. Seats at row 19, this time with my friend Stephen and his brother Alan. Better reception than the previous night.
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Le Zenith, Paris, France - 3rd February 1999
The first concert of my "mini Corrs trip". What a reception the band got here, the audience was very noisy! Jim even said "Whose gig is this anyway?" when the audience started singing a tune and wouldn't stop... Very good place, at the front row, a spot between Andrea and Sharon. Attending with me were Helen, Renate, and a new friend Richard.
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Vredenburg, Utrecht, the Netherlands - 4th February 1999
The second concert on my "mini Corrs trip". The venue wasn't the best there was, with the stage in the center and seats all around (even though some on the "back" were not used), and not too good a sound. There was no space between the audience and the stage. Brilliant place for me, at the front row center, in front of Andrea, just one meter or so away from her... Same people as the day before.
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Globen, Stockholm, Sweden - 6th February 1999
The third and last concert on my "mini Corrs trip". This was a seated concert, but our group (Daniel, Stefan, me and a friend of mine, Jukka) had front row seats and we stood up the entire time anyway... The audience was the quietest of the three concerts, but that was all the better for us since our group was making a lot of noise and commotion. :-) We were rewarded with plenty of attention from the band on stage, especially I remember how Andrea sang an entire verse from "What Can I Do" to me/us...
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Skellefteå festival, Skellefteå, Sweden - 2nd July 1999
This was a gig in the Skellefteå city festival in Sweden. It was announced very late, about 1.5 weeks before the actual concert. I travelled to Sweden with a fellow fan, Petri, and met with Daniel, Stefan and Lena in Umeå. The concert itself was one of the rowdiest I've been. I didn't know it at the time of the concert, but there were over 10 000 people attending and they couldn't all fit on the town square. As a result, us who were at the front, had quite a bit of pressure coming from the back -- so much that it was impossible to move except when the crowd moved you somewhere. The performance itself was very good though!
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Lansdowne Road Stadium, Dublin, Ireland - 17th July 1999
The "homecoming concert". The last of their touring for Talk on Corners (or almost last anyway). It was a really special concert, because it was the band's first own stadium concert, and it was sold out! 42 000 people were present, and I witnessed the event from 2nd row. The concert was also special in that it wasn't the typical setlist; rather they played an extended set, lasting for about 2 hours total. Some rather atypical sing-along parts too. Highlight for me: when I started chanting "Sha-ron, Sha-ron!" before her solo piece and got the crowd joining in!
Freilichtbühne, Hamburg, Germany - 7th July 2000
One of the first concerts with songs from In Blue getting played (the Fleadh only was before this, and that was a festival, not their own concert). I went to Hamburg to meet and stay with a friend I knew there, and to meet up with my friend Daniel from Sweden too.
Very good concert, at an outdoor (park) venue, an amphitheatre-like setup almost. Just a single gate for getting in, so easy to get front row places too. :-) The concert was one of the better ones I've been to, partly because of the new songs getting played, partly because ... well just go read the full review. :-)
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Palacio Vistalegre, Madrid, Spain - 15th July 2000
After the Hamburg concert, I wanted very much to see the band play again, and so it wasn't a very difficult job for Daniel to talk me into coming to the Spain concerts as well. I arranged a trip there during the week between the concerts, so it was on very short notice. :-)
The concert itself was good, very much fun and the Spanish audience was rather noisy.
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Plaza de Toros, Murcia, Spain - 16th July 2000
The second concert I went to Spain, the following day from Madrid. It was an adventure itself in getting to another city during the day between the concerts, get a place to stay and also get tickets.
But the concert was worth it, good fun and if possible, even better than Madrid.
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Sportshalle, Hamburg, Germany - 31st October 2000
For the first concert of the tour for In Blue, I went to Hamburg again to see the band play there. At first it seemed like nothing much had changed from the previous concerts, but then there were a few surprises! The biggest of these was that the set lasted for whole two hours - yay!. The atmosphere was good but not great.
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The Globe, Stockholm, Sweden - 18th November 2000
The last concert of the European part of In Blue touring (discounting the UK). I ended up seeing the first and last concert of that tour. The concert was better than the previous one, a better performance from the band and I enjoyed myself more. A CorrsOnline staff meet happened, total of five CorrsOnline people came from various countries to see this concert. Many things were similar to the previous Stockholm concert, two years before.
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NEC, Birmingham, The UK - 12th January 2001
My first Corrs concert in the UK. This was a seated concert, and so the atmosphere wasn't as good as in standing concerts. My seating wasn't as good either, being far off to the right of the stage, even though it was 2nd row. Still a good concert, but nothing spectacular.
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