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I am an IRC operator on the DALnet IRC Network. More specifically, I got my first O:line on the toronto.dal.net server (thanks again MSofty!!) and after that second line on igc.dal.net. Currently my home server is again toronto.dal.net, after spending more than a year on the Finnish xgw.dal.net server. I'm a so-called "CSop", a ChanServ/NickServ operator. I have also authored the New DALnet Operator's Manual.

I enjoy DALnet immensely. Of the main IRC nets (EFnet, Undernet, IRCnet and DALnet) it's by far the best net, with the friendly atmosphere and advanced user services which allow, among other things, nickname ownership. It's fun to be online, to chat with friends and to meet new people. Some would also call it a waste of time. :-)

There's no use for me placing DALnet links here, there's plenty of link pages available elsewhere (check the mainpage to get started).

For those of you don't know what IRC is, it's a realtime text-based chat service (Internet Relay Chat).
If you have used WebChat or other web chatting places, IRC is much better.
And if you have tried IRC, DALnet is the best network for ircing.

How to get on DALnet:

server irc.dal.net, port 7000

This will pick you a random server, if it's full try again, you will likely get another server the second time. Full server list is available by fingering servers (a) dal.net, or from the DALnet servers page. All DALnet servers use port 7000, most have additional ports too, but those vary from server to server.

You can try things out with our telnet client.

For those people who haven't got an IRC client yet (a program for using IRC), look into ftp.dal.net's client directory.

This is how to spell DALnet. Please get it right.
I've written quite a lot of ircII (a so called IRC client, program for ircing) scripts. If you're interested, I have some of them available for downloading. Some of these are DALnet specific. There are some scripts I'm not giving out, mostly because the aren't worth it, or they are just for my private use.
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