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My name is Mikko Hänninen. I have a nickname of Wizard, or Wizzu which is more common nowadays, that I use on the Net and which is also used by most of my friends. Welcome to my home page.
Note that this is an informal home page -- I might come up with a formal page sometime.

Things have stabilized somewhat here, but I'm adding new links fairly often to my WWW links page. And sometimes, when the mood strikes me and I don't have other things keeping me busy, I update some of my other pages too.

Info on how to contact me. Electronic communication preferred.
A page of personal information. Who is this person anyway, and where does the nickname Wizard come from?
Links to the organizations and people I am associated with.
Some (all?) of my interests and hobbies. Check if you find anything of interest...

There's also the obligatory WWW links page.

My studies page, mainly links for my own use. I might add later more info about my studies, plans, etc.
My guestbook. None yet, but I hope some day I will have one.
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